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Weald News November 2012 - Network Group


Weald News November 2012


Horsham Scout Network


Becky Butler called a meeting on 25 November to initiate a joint Horsham Weald/ Horsham West Scout Network Unit.  It was attended by Kevin Angell, the County Scout Network Commissioner, and both DC’s. Financial backing, including a start-up grant from HQ is available. The intention is to launch the Unit formally in January.  Meanwhile there was considerable enthusiasm expressed at the meeting, in particular from the young people present.


Network will be for the age group 18 to 25 and members can also be warranted Leaders and Scout Support Unit members at the same time.  It is open to all, including anyone who has not already been a member of the Scout Association. Meetings will be held every two weeks and members will largely be responsible for their own programme. Emphasis will be on an individual’s personal achievement. Network will provide the opportunity to achieve the Chief Scout’s Award, the D. of E. Gold and/or the Queen’s Scout Award up to the age of 25.


Exciting prospects open up for challenging activities and adventurous expeditions to any part of the World, although bungee-jumping will not be authorised!  For those going to university there will be contacts all over the country. Links with GirlGuiding UK are being arranged and there will be a specific Network section at WS2013, as part of the Service Team.


There are already about 10,000 Network members in the UK and about 80 in West Sussex.  Because members will be over 18, CRB clearance will be required.  Applications can be initiated from age 17½. Information will be sent out from HQ direct to members, as well as from local sources.


Contact Becky Butler on 276729 or for up-to-date information and further details.


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