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Hedging Your Bets


'Hedging Your Bets' camp - an account by Annie B, member of Paladin Explorers


I enjoy going to Explorers as we do loads of different activities each week. This week, during February half term, we camped at Shipley Scout Hut. This camp was unusual because we planned it ourselves. We bought all the food and cooked it on an open fire. We also arranged some of the activities. Outdoor games is always a favourite.


Our scout leaders also arranged for us to do some hedge laying. The land at the back of the scout hut was bordered by a very overgrown hedgerow. We were put into two teams. Our team went first. We cleared all the dead branches, weeds and nettles that we didn’t want. We cut the base of each branch so it would bend over easily to lie parallel to the ground. Then we put a frame of stakes in for the hedge to grow against. I liked the idea of putting flowers and fairy lights in the new hedge! But not many of the others agreed! The other team had their go – our hedge laying was obviously better! It was hard work but we were very proud of our accomplishment. The new hedge looks really good... I still like the idea of fairy lights.








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